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Barron Clinic Procedure Room

Medical facilities have many unique demands that Creative Laminates is prepared to meet.  Nurse’s stations, reception desks, high volume exam rooms and living areas are no problem for our quality conscious and dedicated staff.  Our cabinets are uniquely suited to meet the needs of hospitals, medical labs and offices, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, and assisted living facilities.

Community Bio Resources

Community Bio Resources

Some past medical facility clients include:

Hospitals and Clinics

  • Community Memorial
    Winona, WI

  • Riverview Hospital
    Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  • Flambeau Hospital
    Park Falls, WI
  • Stoughton Hospital
    Stoughton, WI
  • Northeast Family Clinic
    Madison, WI
  • St. Joseph's Clinic
    Marshfield, WI
  • Whitehall Veterinary Clinic
    Whitehall, WI
  • Oak Forest Dental Clinic
    Onalaska, WI
  • Flume Dental Clinic
    West Salem, WI
  • Trempealeau County Health
    Whitehall, WI

  • Manus Surgery Center
    Appleton, WI
  • Oakleaf Medical
    Eau Claire, WI
  • Community Bio-Resources
    Onalaska, WI, Oshkosh, WI, Ames, IA, Mankato, MN and St.Cloud, MN
  • Lakeview Medical Center
    Rice Lake, WI
  • Barron Clinic
    Cameron, WI
  • Haugen Dental Clinic
    Rochester, MN

Senior Assisted Living Facilities

  • Spring Valley Assisted Living Health Care Center 

    Spring Valley, MN

  • St. Agnes Assisted Living 

    Fond du Lac, WI

  • Monona Care Center 

    Monona, IA

  • Villa Saint Joseph-Franciscan Sisters

    La Crosse, WI

  • Cedar Lake Home for the Aging 
    West Bend, WI

Barron Clinic



Whitehall Vet Exam Room

Whitehall Vet Clinic Lab

Barron Clinic Reception

Whitehall Vet Clinic Stainless Steel Table

Lakeview Clinic Obstetric Dept

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