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Sand Lake Elementary

Creative Laminates' cabinets stand up to the abuse and tough environment a school presents. We outfit schools with everything from display cases to classroom cabinets to musical instrument storage cabinets.  We complement this offering with many auxiliary products including fume hoods, epoxy countertops and laboratory faucets.  Customers enjoy the simplicity of one quality supplier for their diverse school building needs. 


Chilton HS Lab

Some past school customers include:

  • Kimberly High School
    Kimberly, WI
  • Waupaca High School
    Waupaca, WI
  • Sand Lake Elementary
    Holmen, WI
  • Bloomer Middle School
    Bloomer, WI
  • Sparta Elementary and Middle School
    Sparta, WI
  • Oakfield Middle SchoolWestby HS Display Cases
    Oakfield, WI
  • Pecatonica High School
    Pecatonica, IL
  • West Salem High School
    West Salem, WI
  • Chilton High School
    Chilton, WI
  • Westby High School
    Westby, WI
  • Valders Middle and High School

    Valders, WI

Westby HS Instrument Storage Cabs

  • New Lisbon School
    New Lisbon, WI

  • Waupaca Middle School
    Waupaca, WI
  • Fox Valley Technical College
    Appleton, WI
  • Cashton High School
    Cashton, WI
  • E.P. Rock Elementary School
    Hudson, WI

Sand Lake Elem Classroom

Sand Lake Elem Art Classroom

West Salem HS Fume Hoods & Lab

West Salem HS Lab

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